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Mindful Home Interior Designs

2022 is also the year when homeowners will be more mindful of their choices, opting to upcycle and DIY some of their projects. From newbies to expert DIYers, homeowners are more confident of making their homes beautiful with the right color and material selection.

The public’s continuing concern about climate change has led to a resurgence of organic materials in interior design. Not only are people finding ways to repurpose what they already own, finding a way to give it new life to fit their preferred aesthetic, but they are also more conscious of the materials used to manufacture their furniture and decor. The use of sustainable materials has become more prominent.

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The concept of vintage has never gone out of style, though the styles considered vintage have certainly expanded as time goes on. Sourcing vintage pieces will add a sense of history to a space so finding unique places to buy home decor and accessories is key. Old furnishings are imbued with stories of the past while showcasing details and designs that are not present in today’s modern designs.

Metallics such as silver, gold, brass, or copper elements may even have a beautiful patina that only comes from age and use, which means it was a previously loved piece, making it so much more special.

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